How do you take care of YOU?

How do you take care of YOU?

How do you treat yourself? If your a chronic pain warrior please read and integrate, we all need this:

Love yourself – A mind blowing amount of people struggle with loving themselves. They allow their minds and body to be treated like crap by others and even worse, they treat themselves like crap. Loving yourself is the first step and is mandatory to move on to the rest of the steps. Loving yourself will incorporate the following actions.

Respect Yourself – You do not respect yourself if you allow another person to call you names, i.e.; stupid, fat, ugly, useless… Somebody that respects themselves would put an end to that immediately! A person that respects themselves will speak kindly about themselves as well as others…and NEVER allow others to treat them any differently than that. Respecting yourself means that you know you are worthy of greatness and will settle for nothing less.

Body language – This is a huge way to show others without words, how you think of yourself. Easiest fix there is. Stand up straight with your chest out (even you ladies), head held so chin and chest are about even, hold your stomach in and put your toes in front of your knees. This is the stance of a confident person. When you hold yourself with this posture, you will notice the difference in the way people approach you or don’t approach you…which by the way is fine too! Eye contact is crucial in setting the guide for people. I am not suggesting you become weird freaky eye starer, I mean catch their eye contact and veer away, then come back for more! This is the simplest change you can immediately make for yourself.

How you treat others – The way you speak to other people, no matter their status is a huge indicator of how others will treat you. If you are consistent in the way you use kind, positive words and actions to everybody you interact with…the same will be shown to you in return. Treat others the exact way you desire to be treated. This is one way that you earn respect as well as lose respect.

Confidence – This is a top way to show others how you are to be treated. A confident person does not have to open their mouths to gain respect. They exhume self-love, respect, and worth. By having confidence in yourself, you leave others no choice but to treat you in accordance! The difference between a confident person and a non confident person is choice. The confident person chooses to take action while the non confident person is a spectator of their own lives.

Integrity – People that show integrity are never going to struggle with the way others treat them. When you consistently do the right thing no matter what, others will have no choice but to treat you with that earned respect! Having integrity is seldom easy. In today’s world it is very tempting to take the shortcuts or swindle this or that… By the way, doing the right thing isn’t always the thing that feels the best, often it is the hardest but the most necessary choice. When you are honest and bold to others, they will treat you the same.

Put your money where your mouth is – Do what you say you are going to do. Nothing loses respect faster than a person that talks a good game but has never laced up his/her shoes and stepped on the court! Only ask others to do things that you would do yourself, live your own advice, and make sure when you say you will do something, you do it! When you act like this, others will treat you the same way. This is a great way to set the bar in both your professional and personal lives!

Know what you will and will not accept – This is the key to you. You must know what you are willing to and not willing to accept from others, and having the guts to show them. If your boss is treating you poorly and you let him/her know that this is unacceptable to you, they will either cease or persist. If they cease than all is well. If they persist, you must have the courage to walk away! This goes for romantic relationships as well, if your mate isn’t treating you the way you desire to be treated…there are plenty of people that will! Be active and consistent on what you will and will not allow and eventually you won’t have to say one word about it, everybody will be able to know!

Take a moment and reflect on your life, right now. Are you in one or more situations with people that treat you in a way that doesn’t lift you up? If the answer is yes, put these suggestions into play. If you are surrounded with people that treat you exactly how you desire to be treated, now is a great time to improve on yourself and take it to the next great level, pick one of the suggestions and strengthen it within yourself.

Most people have faced this issue at one time or another, it is a phenomenal way to be an active part in your growth. The key is to learn, put a positive action to it, and never settle for anything less than what you desire. You deserve the best and if you don’t believe that then why in the hell would anybody else? Be the leader in your life. Be your own inspiration. Tell yourself the words you have been longing to hear. Be your own best friend! It is you that will show the world how you will be treated! #bestadvice #inspirational #painwarriorstrong
Yes I have failed back surgery, an SCI n 14 level fusion! My writings are from the heart and real. I live n struggle daily!

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